J.M. Mullis, Inc.


J. M. Mullis, Inc. conducts location analysis work for companies contemplating expansion, relocation, new project establishment, or the consolidation of existing operations.

The firm’s capabilities include:

  • Finalization of a set of pertinent outline criteria including the development of Conceptual Site Plans
  • Identification of potentially qualified location candidates
  • Evaluations of qualified location candidates
    • Review of response to a Request For Information issued on behalf of the project
    • Comparisons of population and workforce characteristics, trends and projections, generated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology software
    • Mapping programs
    • Pre-qualification of sites and/or existing facilities
    • Identification of probable incentive opportunities
  • Logistics integration
  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Pro forma operating cost analysis
  • Site due diligence
  • On-site comprehensive labor reviews
  • Negotiation for real estate, and comprehensive incentive packages
  • Development of a binding Memorandum of Understanding
  • Pre-Project Development Services:
    • Responsibility for distribution and receipt of RFP
    • Design RFP document for project design and construction
    • Recommend and coordinate selection of engineering firms, and general or design/build contractor firms
    • Responsibility for procurement of any required site or existing building due diligence items
  • Project Development Services:
    • Responsibility for all distribution and receipt of RFP for BTS leaseback projects
    • Identify qualified developers/investors for any required BTS leaseback needs
    • Design of RFP for BTS leaseback projects
    • Disposition of any current assets, as a result of a certain project
  • Incentive Contract Administration

The firm also has proven in-house and affiliate teams that can provide single source solutions for any and all aspects of project establishments — design, construction, equipment and relocation and/or installation, financing, etc.


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