J.M. Mullis, Inc.

Advanced Site Analysis and Planning (A.S.A.P.)

A new and very select Program for J. M. Mullis, Inc. is A.S.A.P. (Advanced Site Analysis and Planning), an approach to evaluate only a limited number of mutually agreed upon potentially qualified location candidates who need some outside professional input and direction to become more marketable. All of the work is done by the Firm’s in-house professionals who deal with many Client Group projects annually; whereby, we are applying many years of experience.

The Mullis A.S.A.P. Program addresses 4 primary areas:

  1. Site analysis package
  2. Site due diligence program
  3. Developer’s Handbook for site presentation and marketing
  4. Community assessment, including workforce analysis, and flexible deal making structure and contents

In today’s overall economic development operating environment, a location is not a qualified one without community cooperation, workforce availability and skill set transferability, immediately acceptable developable sites, and very flexible deal making structure and contents. These are the primary services that J. M. Mullis, Inc. applies to any locations which it might be considering for various Client Groups’ major project establishments.


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