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What we can do for you.

J. M. Mullis conducts location analysis work for companies considering expansion, relocation, new project establishment or the consolidation of existing operations. Our capabilities include:

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  • Finalization of a set of pertinent outline criteria including the development of Conceptual Site Plans
  • Identification of potentially qualified location candidates
  • Evaluations of qualified location candidates
    • Review of response to a Request For Information issued on behalf of the project
    • Comparisons of population and workforce characteristics, trends and projections, generated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology software
    • Mapping programs
    • Pre-qualification of sites and/or existing facilities
    • Identification of probable incentive opportunities
  • Logistics integration
  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Pro forma operating cost analysis
  • Site due diligence
  • On-site comprehensive labor reviews
  • Negotiation for real estate, and comprehensive incentive packages
  • Development of a binding Memorandum of Understanding
  • Pre-Project Development Services:
    • Responsibility for distribution and receipt of RFP
    • Design RFP document for project design and construction
    • Recommend and coordinate the selection of engineering firms, and general or design/build contractor firms
    • Responsibility for procurement of any required site or existing building due diligence items
  • Project Development Services:
    • Responsibility for all distribution and receipt of RFP for BTS leaseback projects
    • Identify qualified developers/investors for any required BTS leaseback needs
    • Design of RFP for BTS leaseback projects
    • Disposition of any current assets, as a result of a certain project
  • Incentive Contract Administration
  • The firm also has proven in-house and affiliate teams that can provide single-source solutions for all aspects of project establishments — design, construction, equipment and relocation and/or installation, financing, etc.

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Our Mission

To provide objective and factual evaluations on a very cost effective and accelerated basis; and to be certain that the Firm’s clients make the most qualified location candidate selection decisions possible. To negotiate incentive packages which are fair and equitable to all parties involved. To develop long-term relationships and partnerships based on old-fashioned values.

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