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Through careful planning, J.M. Mullis, Inc. can produce a project location plan suited to a company’s specific needs. The key aspects of developing a plan for a company include:


Frequently, companies have to make decisions regarding expansion and/or relocation that have to be completed on an accelerated basis. J. M. Mullis, Inc.’s in-depth knowledge of labor markets, location conditions, and the Client’s specific operational needs, enables the firm to quickly and accurately prepare a qualified project location analysis; whereby, the Client can proceed with its physical project development schedule in the most accelerated, yet cost effective, manner possible.


Project location selections will affect the profitability and growth of companies. Location selections must be very qualified ones, based on defined pertinent criteria, and the locations’ ability to meet those needs. The firm has no biases and/or vested interests toward any particular part of the U.S., or world, and bases its recommendations on experience, hours of professional research, and on-site evaluations.


One of the soundest reasons for the engagement of J. M. Mullis, Inc. is to avoid the distraction of a Company’s management group from its normal functions and daily operations, while still maintaining a key role in the decision-making process. J. M. Mullis, Inc. rapidly becomes an important member of the Project Location Team, quickly discerning a Client’s specific needs and identifying potential location related issues and potentially qualified geographies.

Once a proposed project’s pertinent detailed objective and subjective criteria are formulated, the firm will analyze all aspects of a project location, maintaining frequent contact with the Company, until a location candidate finalist group has been selected.


It is virtually impossible for a Company to conduct its own project location analysis in complete secrecy; secrecy may be absolutely necessary for the success of the proposed operation. J. M. Mullis, Inc. conducts a project location analysis on a very confidential basis, thereby lessening a company’s possibilities for premature public exposure, disruption or demoralization of its on-going operations, or the loss of key personnel.

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Our Mission

To provide objective and factual evaluations on a very cost effective and accelerated basis; and to be certain that the Firm’s clients make the most qualified location candidate selection decisions possible. To negotiate incentive packages which are fair and equitable to all parties involved. To develop long-term relationships and partnerships based on old-fashioned values.

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